From the beginning, we’ve been on a mission to create the freshest, most vibrant organic ferments around. We make our products the old-fashioned way, because ferments need time to cultivate their probiotic power and tasty tang. 



firefly Salt

A bright freeze-dried ferment-infused with mineral-rich salts and organic spices.


magic seasoning 

Add a sparkling layer of flavor to eggs, rice, popcorn, potatoes, meat, grains, veggies & more!


Medicinal Minerals & Spices

Boost immunity and your energy levels, add electrolytes, prevent muscle cramps and assist your digestion.


Firefly Kimchi Salt

Vibrant kimchi dried & blended with mineral rich salt, garlic and ginger!

Cortido Salt

An El Salvadoran ferment dried & blended with mineral rich salt, jalapeño and oregano!

Emerald City Salt

A vibrant ferment dried & blended with mineral rich salt and a touch of coriander, dill and turmeric!