A bright freeze-dried ferment-infused with mineral-rich salts and organic spices.
Now you can bring the Firefly zip and zing to every dish!


Savory. Unexpected. Wildly Delicious.


Firefly Kimchi Salt

Vibrant kimchi dried & blended with mineral rich salt, garlic and ginger.


Cortido Salt

A Salvadoran-inspired ferment dried & blended with mineral rich salt, jalapeño and oregano.


Emerald City Salt

A vibrant ferment dried & blended with mineral rich salt and a touch of coriander, dill and turmeric.


firefly Salt

Kissed by probiotics, our salts will brighten every bite! Sprinkle this magic seasoning on any dish!


magic seasoning 

Add a sparkling layer of flavor to eggs, rice, popcorn, potatoes, meat, grains, veggies & more!


Medicinal Minerals & Spices

Boost immunity and your energy levels, add electrolytes, prevent muscle cramps and assist your digestion.


Some of our favorite ways to use Firefly Salts:

  • Sprinkle on thinly sliced cabbage/kale or any veggie concoction

  • Salt the rim of your Bloody Mary or favorite cocktail

  • Toss on popcorn with butter or coconut oil

  • Rub generously on your favorite meat or add to a marinade or salad dressing

  • Shower your savory baked goods OR Sprinkle on chocolate or a sweet treat

  • Spice up your rice, grain, and pasta dishes

  • Dust a little on fresh sliced melon