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The story behind Firefly Kitchens and co-founders Richard Climenhage & Julie O'Brien. 

"If there’s anyone who can persuade me to add kraut juice to my smoothie, stir sauerkraut into my peanut butter, or kick start my morning eggs with kimchi (that last one takes no persuasion), it’ll be Richard and Julie who cheerfully spread the gospel of probiotic, lactic-fermented, and locally sourced from their Firefly Kitchens kraut factory in hipster Ballard."
—Tom Douglas, chef/restaurateur

Fresh & Fermented, our first cookbook, will launch on Oct. 28th

It's packed with recipes that incorporate fermented foods into every meal, from the Kraut, Cardamom and Chia Breakfast Bowl to Yin Yang Carrot Bars. It also includes Firefly's very own kraut making methods for you to try at home! 

Fresh & Fermented: 85 Delicious Ways to Make Fermented Carrots, Kraut, and Kimchi Part of Every Meal by Julie O'Brien, Richard J. Climenhage, Charity Burggraaf and Julie Hopper

Look for Fresh and Fermented at your favorite bookseller on October 28. 

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