I will work for Cortido!” This was the sign I wore, taped to my back, while helping out at Firefly Kitchen. I have had such a wonderful time chopping and socializing, labeling and eating, with the folks at Firefly. Thank you for introducing me to not only REAL, RAW, and scrumptious foods, but also to a community that I think is doing the right thing. See you again soon! 

-Lucinda D. Seattle Lawyer


My daughter brought a jar of Firefly Kitchen’s ginger carrots to me for Thanksgiving and I have been hooked ever since.  It even inspired me to try out some homemade versions so I can always have fermented foods on hand.

-Robbie Sawyer


I was just recently turned on to the health benefits of fermented foods and went looking for a good local producer.  When I discovered Firefly Kitchens I was blown away by the quality of their product found myself totally hooked. I have always loved traditional sauerkraut because it was a staple in my German household but Firefly’s classic kraut is better than anything I have ever had and has the health benefits as well.

-Chris Simons, University of Washington MBA student


I especially like fermented foods and have recently found a local company (in Seattle) that makes the best fermented foods. They are “Firefly Kitchens.” This saves me from making my own and I must say they do a great job. I do my best to keep these on hand because eating fermented foods before a meal makes my tummy really happy.

-Linda Kaye

The worst thing about the Ruby Red Sauerkraut is that I can’t seem to make it last longer then a day. I always end up devouring it on the way home!

-Stephanie Spenny, ND Candidate at Bastyr University


Firefly kitchens makes my body sing! It’s rare in our society to havefoods that help our bodies be more efficient and happy. One of the unique things about Firefly Kitchens is every batch is handmade with organic ingredients and created by people who understand food and healthy eating. I’d trust anything these guys produce. !!

-Cicely Andree, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist