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“What ever you are doing, keep doing it. Your krauts are a key ingredient in my diet and have contributed to a new vibrant healthy me. Just two weeks after clearing myself of the imbalance in flora, I ran my fastest 10k ever. Now I eat it every day. Thank you!”

- Lisa in bellevue 

“I lived on your Yin Yang Carrots during my chemotherapy. Thank you!"

- Janelle on lopez island

“I have suffered from poor digestion my whole life, and several auto-immune diseases had wiped out my gut to an extreme. When I began eating Firefly Raw Kraut, I noticed an immediate difference. My digestion is much more regular now, and if I go several days without kraut my system is not happy!"

- Betsy in portland

Through the daily consumption of sauerkraut along with drinking the fermented juice, my gut is healthy once again. I consider kraut and its juice to be an ultimate beauty food because when the gut is healthy, the skin glows and the eyes shine. I know that Firefly Kitchens is properly prepared and DELICIOUS. Thank you for creating such a gorgeous product that is not only tasty but also incredibly healing to the body.

- Shonagh in redmond 

“I took your cooking class at PCC in late 2016; your class transformed me from hating to loving fermented foods. I even bought your book, and I had been making the smoothie you demonstrated in the class since then. Yes, sauerkraut breakfast smoothie every morning … yummy! Thank you very much, Julie!”

- Marena in Seattle

"Guess what I had for breakfast this morning? A bowl of Emerald City Kraut with slices of Avocado. Then when I was done - I tipped the bowl and drank the brine. I am not ashamed one bit - it was delish. Thank you"

- Anna in seattle

"I wanted to extend heartfelt gratitude for doing what you do, I so enjoyed the kraut class this morning (I raved about it on my own page). Julie & Richard, you rock, your products rock and I will sing your praises to all that will hear. I hope you do implement the evening cooking classes cuz I'll be there! Thank you again for the awesome experience this morning and for just being the people you are (loved meeting the others in the class too)."

- rachel in seattle

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