Gift Certificate for a 2-Hour Class

Gift Certificate for a 2-Hour Class


Research shows that we should be eating fermented foods daily. Help someone learn how easy it is by taking one of these upbeat and informative workshops.

Our current class offerings are:

Fermentation 101: The Basics of Kraut-Making 
Learn the art and science of fermenting cabbage and other vegetables. We’ll de-mystify the fermentation process, share health benefits and dispel common myths about home fermenting – while helping you create two jars of your own to take home! As you make your kraut, we’ll talk about common mistakes and give you the skills to troubleshoot, so that you’ll become a confident home fermenter.

Fermented Foods – Every Day, Every Way 
Learn how to incorporate these probiotic-rich ferments into smoothies, dips, salads and even desserts. Using very simple techniques, we will sip and nibble our way through class. You’ll walk away inspired to eat more of these vibrant superfoods and the know-how to do it every day. We’ll send you home with lots of easy recipes, plus a salad dressing and a snack that you create in class.  

This is a physical gift certificate and will be mailed wherever you specify." 

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