The Fantastic Four - 4 Pack

The Fantastic Four - 4 Pack


Any four ferments, a mixed pack of four, or four of the same.

You pick your favorite combination of krauts, when you add this 4 Pack to your cart, from our fabulous fresh and fermented foods:

  • Classic Kraut
  • Ruby Red Kraut
  • Cortido Kraut
  • Caraway Kraut
  • Emerald City Kraut
  • Firefly Kimchi
  • Yin Yang Carrots
  • Seasonal krauts, when available

Note: Orders will be shipped on Mondays, to arrive between Wednesday and Friday of the same week. Orders placed after 9am (PST) Monday will be shipped the following week.

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Please note that these products contain fermented, live cultures.

At Firefly we ferment our products for 4-6 weeks, after which they are refrigerated at our kitchen facility until they are shipped to you and they will need to be refrigerated when you receive them.

To save you on shipping costs (cooler boxes and gel packs), we use two day shipping via USPS. We will always mail your package on Tuesdays to ensure that you receive your ferments by Thursday or Friday.  Due to the live nature of the product, a change in pressurization or temperature may mean the product will leak. Please do not be alarmed. This is normal, just refrigerate them the day that you receive your package. Rest assured, the product is completely fine.

All sales are final.

If you have any questions, concerns, or receive a flawed product, please feel free to contact us via the contact section of our website.