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Firefly Kitchens creates naturally fermented foods, including kimchi, krauts and salsas. Unlike other pickled and preserved products, Firefly's fermented foods are completely raw and naturally preserved. During the process of fermentation, "good bacteria" - also known as probiotic bacteria - proliferate, which produces lactic acid. This environment prevents the growth of bad bacteria and keeps the food naturally fresh and preserved without the need for refrigeration. It also creates billions of live probiotics and digestive enzymes that are great for your health! 

Current Products

Classic Kraut

A classic sauerkraut with a mild flavor and just a hint of tang from the fermentation process.  It is the most traditional fermented food we make and is a favorite of classic sauerkraut enthusiasts. Enjoy it on your favorite sandwich, bratwurst, burger, wrap or salad.

Ingredients: green cabbage*, celtic sea salt.

*organic ingredients

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Ruby Red Kraut

A twist on the classic kraut recipe with a depth of flavor and texture from red cabbage, beets and carrots. Enjoy it with roast chicken or turkey, mashed potatoes, soup, salad or as a side to any meal.

Ingredients: *green cabbage, *beets, *green onions, *carrots, celtic sea salt.

*organic ingredients

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Cortido Kraut

A Spanish-inspired version of sauerkraut, based on a popular fermented cabbage, onion and spice mixture served with many South American meals. The mellow heat from jalapenos and discrete oregano flavor beg for fresh warm tortillas and melted cheese. 

Ingredients: *green cabbage, *onions, *carrots, *jalapeños, celtic sea salt, *oregano, *red chili peppers.

*organic ingredients

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Caraway Kraut

A traditional German-style kraut seasoned with caraway that's perfect for a classic Ruben sandwich, or to top your favorite brat or burger. Caraway brings additional health benefits to the kraut too as a healing digestive and anti-inflammatory spice. 

Ingredients: green cabbage*, celtic sea salt, *caraway seed.

*organic ingredients

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Emerald City Kraut

Named after our vividly green home city of Seattle, Emerald City Kraut contains chlorophyll-rich kale and sea vegetables. Turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory and healing digestive spice adds a mellow warmth and golden hue to this delicious blend. 

Ingredients: *green cabbage, *kale, celtic sea salt, *coriander, *dill, *turmeric, *red chili peppers.

*organic ingredients

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Firefly Kimchi

Based on the classic Korean-style fermented cabbage, this is our uniquely crunchy, spicy and flavor-intense kimchi. The combination of ginger, garlic and spice achieves a well balanced spicy kick without a lingering burn. Unlike the Korean style, we have left out the fish sauce and shrimp paste to maintain our vegan and raw standards.

Ingredients: *green cabbage, *green onions, *garlic, *ginger, celtic sea salt, Korean red peppers.

*organic ingredients

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Yin Yang Carrots

Yin Yang carrots are a crowd-pleaser. The simplicity of the slightly sweet and gingery fermented carrots make them one of our best sellers and the winner of the 2011 Good Food Awards. Yin Yang Carrots have a satisfying crunch and are usually a hit with fermented food newbies and kids. 

Ingredients: *carrots, *ginger, celtic sea salt.

*organic ingredients

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Looking for fun ways to enjoy Firefly's fermented foods? 

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