Late Summer Way Up North

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This time of year, the fireweed has reached its peak. The salmon are heading up river and the days of the midnight sun are waning. It is a magical time north of the 60th parallel. We have a special place in our hearts for the north. Firefly founder and owner, Julie O’Brien, is from Juneau, AK and many of our staff, past and present, have hailed from the land of the midnight sun. Several years ago, Rodale’s Organic Life magazine profiled the Alaska Salmon Sisters (and they included our Firefly Kimchi, as one way the duo get through northern winters.

If you are looking for our ferments in Alaska or Yukon, we’ve got some suggestions:

Riverside Grocery, 201 Lowe Street, Whitehorse, Yukon. Family owned and operated since 1982, Riverside Grocery is a local landmark. A stone’s throw from the S.S. Klondike National Historic Site it is not only a stop for picking up a litre of milk and the newspaper. What really makes Riverside a special place, is that it always stocked with the best assortment of treats - the newest flavor of kombucha, penny candy, fresh produce from Yukon farms, a vegan cheese or two, a hard to find ingredient, or everyone’s favorite local item like birch syrup or smoked salmon.

Sunshine Health Foods, 410 Trainor Gate Road, Fairbanks, Alaska. Also a family-owned business for over 37 years, Sunshine Health Foods sells more than food! Stop in at to visit their wellness library, pick up some ready made food from the hotbar or get your soap-making supplies! The folks at Sunshine Health Foods are committed to promoting healthy food and educating customers about healthy choices!

Also, look for us at:  Natural Pantry, 3680 Barrow Street, Anchorage, AK

These stores have a reputation for ordering specialty items and having their finger on the pulse of what might be the next new big thing.

We’re so glad they took a chance on our products!

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