A.J. Rathbun mixes "Fires at Dawn"

Do you wonder what to do with that left over brine? Well, as you know, we’ve always encouraged you to do brine shots for that krautelicious power-boost of probiotic goodness (see our FAQ) but we know it’s hard to wait ’til the bottom of the jar so we're bottling up these powerful-good probiotic tonics and peddling them around town.  But still you ask: "Surly there must be more I can do with these tonics than shoot them in order to get bowelence into my life?”

Well, in order to start seeding your creative process we've asked some Firefly Kitchen friends to experiment and share their stories, ideas and “yeah, that didn’t turn out quite the way I thought…” experiments with our gang. 

Meet A. J Rathbun.  He's a mixologist extraordinaire who knows few limits when it comes to trying unique and truly inspired combinations to blend seriously delicious drinks.  We sent him some samples of our tonics to see what he’d create with them and we weren't disappointed!  See his post of October 9th 2015 to discover his creation based on our Emerald City Kraut tonic, “Fires at Dawn”.

Cheers A.J., bottoms up!