Fermentation 201: Saturday, April 6th - 11:30am - 1pm

Fermentation 201: Saturday, April 6th - 11:30am - 1pm


Fermentation 201:  Basic Cultured and Fermented Beverages

The 3 "K's" of Fermenting - Kefir, Kombucha and (beet) Kvass!

Cultured and fermented beverages have a long and rich history. In traditional cultures they were used as thirst quenchers and health tonics, and many were renowned for their ability to promote vigor and vitality in those who regularly consumed them. Thanks to modern science, we now understand why these lively beverages are so health promoting. They're full of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other important nutritional elements. They nourish your body, help keep your intestinal flora healthy, fight harmful bacteria, support your immune system, and aid in detoxification. 

Happily, tonics are now making a big comeback, and it's become easy to find kombucha and milk kefir in stores. So why would you want to make your own cultured and fermented beverages, rather than buy them ready made? For one thing, it's still virtually impossible to find water kefir and beet kvass beverages in stores, so to gain their abundant health benefits you'll have to make your own. And it's an unfortunate fact that most commercial kombucha and milk kefir drinks are both expensive and mass produced. Their healing qualities have often been diminished by pasteurization. It's common practice to add sweetening or thickening agents to make them more palatable and most companies rely on a small handful of highly standardized strains of cultures to create their products. So these commercially produced drinks contain a fraction of the great number and variety of probiotic strains that are produced when a robust wild mother culture is used. While these commercial manufacturing practices are good at creating stable and consistent beverages, they lose the rich flavor profiles and the enhanced healing properties that are found in home cultured products.

Fortunately, making these healthy tonics at home is cheap, easy, and fun So let's get started!

In this hands-on class you will learn about the benefits of drinking cultured and fermented beverages, and how to make four delicious kinds:

  • Kombucha

  • Milk Kefir

  • Water kefir

  • Beet Kvass

You will leave this class with:

  • The knowledge and confidence to create these health promoting beverages on your own.

  • Milk and water kefir grains and kombucha scobies (so you can go home and get started right away).

  • Some great recipes and resources.

Date and Time: Saturday April 6th, 11:30am - 1pm

Cost is $60.00

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