Good Food Award

Good Food Award

For a long time, certifications for responsible food production and awards for superior taste have remained distinct—one honors social and environmental responsibility, while the other celebrates flavor. The Good Food Awards recognize that truly good food—the kind that brings people together and builds strong, healthy communities—contains all of these ingredients. We take a comprehensive view, honoring people who make food that is delicious, respectful of the environment, and connected to communities and cultural traditions.

-Good Food Awards


Our delicious, gingery Yin Yang carrots are loved by all; including the judges at the Good Food Awards. This year we submitted our products to the San Francisco based competition on a whim and were surprised to find out we even made the finals.  When we were asked to attend the award ceremony and to bring our Yin Yang carrots with us to sell as a special feature at the weekend market we were overwhelmed with excitement.  The experience was one of a kind and we walked away with a Good Food Award for our Yin Yan Carrots that we will never forget.

We were truly honored to take part in this celebration of good food and talented producers. “The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.”  Receiving the award helped make all the late nights, frustrating hurdles and complete devotion we have put into Firefly Kitchens worth it.  The support that the Good Food Awards has provided for us, and the whole community of people like us, promoting good food, health, environmental care and awareness is outstanding.

Richard and Julie with Sandor Katz – a pioneer in the world of fermentation

Many talented artisans and dedicated individuals in each of the seven categories; beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, pickles and preserves, are coming together to change the way we procure, produce and eat food and we are happy to be taking part in this movement to improve the food system from the ground up. The Good Food organization and awards given will continue to help educate consumers on not only the exceptional quality and flavor of the foods available, but the conscious production of and intent care that goes into a sustainably and meaningfully produced product.

It was an amazing experience to connect with other food lovers and producers from around the country and have the opportunity to share our passion for creating good food.  Meeting other fermentation experts and producers of quality food helped encourage us to continue our quest and offered stories and shared experience we all can learn from.  It was truly a learning experience all around and excited us to share the knowledge and love for foods that are born out of healthy and longstanding traditions.  Not to mention, knowing that other people are encountering similar hurdles and sharing the sometimes difficult experience of starting a small food business was comforting and encouraging, especially as we all came together to show our commitment to moving forwards, making progress and sharing the love of good food with everyone!