Day 9 - Pups & Probiotics


Even your pets can enjoy their daily #fireflyforkful.

Pups love their probiotics too! Sauerkraut is a nutritious addition to your dogs food, and our pups can enjoy all the same benefits of fermented vegetables that we do. Aoife (ay-fuh), pictured here, craves the savory, funky, and sour flavors of our krauts.

Start small: Once a week, try adding a scoop of ferments on top of your canine's standard rations. That amount can be increased gradually, up to a daily portion of about 1 to 3 teaspoons for every 15 pounds of body weight.

Keep in mind, dogs should avoid eating plants in the onion/garlic family (alliums). We stick to our Classic, Caraway, and Emerald City Kraut, as well as our Yin Yang Carrots. Let us know what flavor your pup enjoys!

Here’s a great article on all the benefits of adding probiotics and fermented veggies to your pups diet.

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