Day 4 - Reconnecting through Fermented Foods

Illustration by Fanny Gentle, for the Guardian

Illustration by Fanny Gentle, for the Guardian

It’s already day four! How has this challenge been going thus far? Are you using our handy printout as a visual reminder and a tangible task to cross-off each day?

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Today, we wanted to take the time to share a recent essay on fermentation, by Aaron Vansintjan, published in the Guardian, “Fermentation is back: how will living organisms reshape your plate?”. We love so many things about this piece! While fermentation has become a buzz word in the food and health communities, there are still many misunderstandings, and even fear of fermented foods from the broader population.
This article lays out why the trust in fermented foods was lost, why these foods remain so important, and how what we might be able to reconnect as communities to bring to power of ferments back to our daily lives.
— “To practice fermentation, we need to multiply experiences, not just with bacteria and fungi, but also with each other. It takes human relationships to learn how to ferment, and it takes knowledge given to us through science and culture. It also takes common sense. This common sense emerges through interaction with others."

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