Day 3 - Kraut as Digestive Support


Heading a to Super Bowl Party today? That daily forkful can help keep your gut moving, even with a few extra party eats.

Fermented foods have been traditionally served with heavy protein- and dairy-rich meals. The lactic acid bacteria act as nutritional assistants that help your body break down otherwise difficult-to-digest proteins and make nutrients more accessible to your body. When eaten as part of a regular balanced diet, fermented foods can help your body maintain a more regular and efficient digestive system, and help you make the best use of the fuel you provide it.

And don’t be afraid to bring kraut along to that party! The bright, tangy flavor of sauerkraut is a simple, easy addition to many of the party appetizers you’ll be snacking on. Firelfy’s Classic Kraut is extremely versatile, and the southwest flavors of our Cortido, or Salsa Viva Kraut pair perfectly with salsas, guacamole, bean or cheese dips, and nachos. Just make sure you bring enough to share!

We diced Classic Kraut as an addition to this simple guacamole made with: avocado, diced tomatoes, chopped scallions, cilantro, lime juice, and Firefly Cortido Salt. The bowl did not last long — and no one guessed there was sauerkraut involved!

Are you incorporating sauerkraut into your game-day menu? Let us know! #fireflyforkful

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