Day 28 - Thank You for Joining Us!


Thank you for joining us in these 28 Days of Firefly. What a great month!
In completing this challenge, you’ve given yourself the daily gift of nourshing, probiotic, and delicious fermented foods. Foods that help you shine from the inside out!

Let’s keep this movement going!
Over the past 28 days, we shared helpful information, ideas, tips, and full recipes to help you incorporate the Firefly forkful into your every-day diet. We showed you how easy and delicious it is to add sauerkraut to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. We hope you’ve been inspired by all the Firefly love we shared, and that you are ready to keep giving yourself and your loved ones this gift of health throughout the rest of this year, and beyond!

Send us your testimonials!
We’d love to hear how this challenge went for YOU! Did you notice any positive changes in your digestion? Did you find an easy trick to add sauerkraut to your routine? If you have an experience or recipe you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to reach out through a quick email, or by leaving a comment below! And keep sharing the Firefly love in our online community by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram with #fireflyforkful.

Ready to spread the love?
Are you ready to share the challenge with a loved one? Did you miss the beginning of the challenge, but are still interested in joining in the 28 Days of Firefly? The best part about this challenge is you can begin at anytime! Simply print-out this handy checklist and get started!

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