Day 23 - How to Build a Buddha Bowl


Both simple to prepare, and endlessly versatile, Buddha bowls are a food trend that we love. An easy, delicious, and balanced meal, these bowls are all about healthy proportions. And you guessed it, sauerkraut is the perfect topping for any Buddha bowl you are making. Pinterest and Instagram are filled with gorgeous photos of these bright and colorful bowls piled high with delicious toppings. But just what is in a Buddha bowl? Today, we’re laying out the basics.

While there’s no right or wrong way to build one of these meals, most bowls are layered with these five categories of ingredients:

The Foundation, Grains: White or brown rice are common base layers to these bowls, but you can get creative with the different textures of quinoa, millet, or farro. Keep this portion small, as there’s lots more to come!

Veggies: Vegetables make up the second layer, and bulk of the meal. Try a combo of both a raw and cooked veggie for a delicious texture contrast. Commonly used raw vegetables include: greens such as spinach and arugula, shaved brussel sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, or shredded carrots. Roasted beets or cauliflower, steamed broccoli, or sauteed cabbage or mushrooms are some examples of cooked vegetables that will give your bowls a hearty feel. The possibilities here are endless.

Proteins: While the made idea of these bowls is plant-based, lean meat proteins can also be incorporated — there are no rules! Try using cooked beans or legumes, baked tofu or tempeh, a fried or hard-boiled egg, or fish filet.

Healthy Fats and Dressings: Insert your favorite sauce or dressing here, letting the ingredients of your bowl help guide the flavor. Using more light and fresh ingredients? Try a simple, lemon vinaigrette paired with avocado. Craving something more rich in flavor? Try a peanut or tahini sauce. The key here is to make sure to drizzle the dressing over everything!

Final Toppings:
The stars of the picture-perfect bowl, the final toppings add a beautiful layer of tastes and textures to finish the meal. These toppings can include: fresh microgreens, green onions, or cilantro, crunchy chopped nuts, sliced almonds, sunflower or sesame seeds, or savory crumbled cheese.
At Firefly, our favorite topping is a forkful or two of sauerkraut! The tangy flavor and crunchy texture of our ferments add a fun, nutritious element that is hard to beat. There is a Firefly flavor perfect for any bowl you’re making.

Get building, and have fun!
We hope this leaves you feeling inspired and ready to build a bowl of your own!

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Let us know your favorite Buddha bowl ingredients — and your favorite sauerkraut topping — below!

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