Day 2 - Make it a Spoonful.

At Firefly we want you to love our living fermented foods, but more than anything we want to show you how easy and delicious it is to add them to everything that you eat. Some of you may not be ready to get your daily forkful straight from the jar - and that’s OK! There’s lots of ways to get those ferments into foods you love!


This is where velevetizing comes in…

Texture plays an important role in the foods that we know and love, and we’ve found that when we blend, mince, or velevetize our beloved kraut we can add it to almost anything.

So, instead of a forkful, make it a spoonful!

We can appease picky eaters and trick our own taste buds while we keep eating the foods we love — carrot cake, pudding and mac n cheese — all with the benefits of kraut making those foods easier to digest and more nutritious.

We add kraut to things that might surprise you!

Blend Firefly Krauts and stir into your everyday favorites:
- Smoothies
- Hummus
- Salsa
- Guacamole
- Dips
- Nut Butters
- Soups

What’s your favorite way to eat that Firefly spoonful?

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