Day 16 - Brighten Up Those Leftovers


We know it’s a divisive issue. When it comes to leftovers, there are two camps. Either you’re ordering a second portion to take home for that much anticipated second meal, or you’re pushing away the to-go box all together. But if you’re on team leftovers, we’ve got you covered!
Firefly is the icing on every fridge-clean-out meal.
Just a forkful of these bright, tangy flavors will brighten up anything you re-heated to perfection. With 8 different flavors to choose from, we know there is the perfect Firefly ferment to match whatever you have in your fridge.

- That second-half of your burrito from last night? Our Salsa Viva or Cortido Kraut are a perfect match.
- Fried rice, or Pad Thai in your to-go box? Try topping them with Firefly Kimchi or Yin Yang Carrots!
- Pasta ready for another round? Try pairing a forkful of our Ruby Red.
- Trying to mix things up with that homemade chili, or hearty stew? Consider finishing your bowl with our classic, Caraway, or Emerald City Kraut.

What’s your go-to Firefly flavor for leftovers?

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