Farmers, Partnerships and Acknowledgements

Farmers, Partnerships and Acknowledgements

At Firefly Kitchens we strive to source as many of our ingredients from local farms and producers as possible.

When the seasons permit, we buy all of our cabbage, carrots, onions, beets, peppers and garlic from organic farms in the Pacific Northwest.  As we grow we hope to continue to develop relationships with the farms that supply for us, providing them with a constant demand for their fresh grown produce.


Nash’s Organic Produce

Nash Huber was born and raised on a small family farm in central Illinois. After getting his degree in chemistry, Nash worked for A.E. Staley (the predecessor of ADM) in corn and soybean processing. He came to Sequim, Washington, in 1968 where he returned to farming.

Nash views agriculture through the lens of one who has seen farming before it became industrial, and who knows about the chemicals involved in modern food production. From that perspective, organic is the only way to grow food, and he markets the farm’s products as locally as possible.

In 1979, Nash started Nash’s Organic Produce. Gradually the business grew, and by 1990, he and his wife Patty were able to purchase 10 acres of excellent farmland and build a packing shed. Today, Nash and his management team of young farmers lease an additional 380 acres, 220 of which are protected with agricultural easements.  These acres are scattered throughout Dungeness, north of Sequim, in nine fields that vary in size from 20 to 100 acres.

The farm grows a wide variety of organic produce, including Nash’s famous sweet carrots, brassicae, leafy greens, lettuces, root vegetables, herbs, berries and tree fruit. In recent years, grains have been added, including hard red and soft white wheat, triticale, rye, and barley. Most of the barley is raised as feed for about 100 hogs and about 200 laying hens. The produce, grain, meat, and eggs are also sold at farmers markets and at the farm’s own store, as well as wholesale to brokers throughout the Northwest. There are about 20 full time employees and at the peak of the season, the farm employs about 40, to handle cultivation, harvest, irrigation, washing and packing, and markets.


Full Circle Farm

Andrew and Wendy began Full Circle with a few acres, strong values, and expansive dreams. Rooted in the importance of growing organically, their crops and community have enabled Full Circle to explore unique avenues in providing good food. Through the years, their mission has remained much the same:  to participate in the development of a healthy future for people, wildlife and the environment by growing, sourcing and providing food fostered with integrity, all while celebrating the flavors and shared joys of the table.

As they continue to fulfill their dreams, they maintain Full Circle’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. These core values guide Full Circle’s sustainable practices and allow us to partner with a healthy network of growers and producers that share our vision of offering good, nutritious food.


Deardorff Organics

Since 1937, Deardorff-Jackson has been providing customers with the freshest, best-tasting fruits and vegetables available while following honest and ethical business practices. Known now as Deardorff Family Farms, the family run business is based in Ventura, CA and maintaining the original values set out by its founders.  The Deardorff family takes pride in their sustainable farming practices that use fewer chemicals, protect the environment and yield healthier, better-tasting produce. Reducing and eliminating synthetic chemical and fertilizer use, implementing the sustainable management of runoff and water flow, protecting adjacent natural habitats and species, promoting natural soil health, managing sustainable business and shipping practices and using recyclable and compostable packaging help the Deardorff family and their community make strides towards positive change in the environmental, health and food systems.  Deardorff’s organic red and green cabbage helps supply Firefly Kitchens with sustainable grown organic food throughout the winter months when more locally grown options are not available.


Farmer’s Own Organics

Farmer’s Own is an organic wholesale brokerage owned by Charlie’s Produce based in Seattle, Washington. Farmers Own represents about 20 organic growers, whose farms range in size from 5 to 200 acres and ships the organic produce throughout the northwest. The cooperative service provides farmers access to large volume markets allowing them to concentrate on crop production and maintaining quality. The farms that participate in Farmers Own are located throughout Washington and Oregon and each is in close participation with the Farmers Own program, working to create a steady and sustainable supply of food while promoting the growth and success of their individual farm and business.

Farmer’s Own growers comply with state and national standards defining organically grown produce and follow natural agricultural practices such as crop rotation and cover cropping to improve soil fertility and to control weeds and pests. Several growers produce their own compost, rich in nutrients, then add it to the soil to ensure a healthy harvest. Significant attention and concern are given to the cultivation of Farmer’s Own produce.

Firefly Kitchens balances out a regular supply of red and green cabbage, green onions, yellow onions, peppers and carrots from numerous local farms involved in the farmers own program.



Firefly Kitchens is interested in continuing to partner with both corporate and non-profit entities to make our yummy fermented foods available to more people. If your organization might be interested in forging a partnership, ordering wholesale for a restaurant or an event, please contact us via the contact page, or Please also check back to this page soon, as our site is still under construction, and more information will shortly become available.



Firefly Kitchens would not be where it is today without some very generous people, amazing places and loyal supporters. We would like to extent our wholehearted thanks to:

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