About Firefly Kitchens 


We started Firefly Kitchens in 2010, bringing our collective knowledge and passion together to create a line of naturally fermented products. For almost a year we used regular kitchen tools, rental kitchen space, and ceramic crocks to ferment small batches of kraut that we sold at local farmers’ markets. After that start-up year, we moved into our own commercial kitchen space, with fermentation tanks many times the size of our former crocks.

Support from Whole Foods Market’s Local Producer Loan Program allowed us to take the next steps toward growth and expansion, and we spent 2012 scaling up our production to meet the new and growing needs of local and regional stores. 

By the end of 2013, we had successfully quadrupled our sales and distribution. Now in 2016, we’re sending our products off to retail locations throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and western Canada.

We’ve fermented over sixty tons of organic and sustainably-grown vegetables, sourced primarily from local, family-owned organic farms. Sticking to our small-batch principle, we keep the quality of our products the best we possibly can.

Our experience at Firefly Kitchens has enabled us to teach hundreds of people how to make their own fermented foods. We’ve given talks and shared recipes with students of health and nutrition, opening the eyes of the next generation to age-old fermentation traditions. We’ve hosted team-building meetings for companies who send their employees to our kitchen for a day to share new experiences, learn about the fermentation process, taste new flavors— and build more cohesive teams in the process. We’ve regularly celebrated with community members at our fermented happy hours, which have evolved from a small gathering of friends to a collaboration between Firefly and other local producers to share an amazing spread of food, drinks, and other goods.

Throughout it all, our kitchen has remained open to anyone and everyone interested in helping, learning, and sharing with us, and it’s this support from our community that has helped us thrive. From long days of stuffing hundreds of jars with fermented veggies to short visits from friends sharing their favorite new way to eat Firefly’s ferments, our passion for microbe-rich foods and the support of our community of customers and friends has truly pushed us onward.

Even people who claim they dislike sauerkraut love our ferments—“They taste so fresh!” But the most rewarding aspect of our work is the countless stories that come from so many people who tell us they “just feel better” from eating our fermented cabbage and carrots. 



GOOD FOOD™ Award Winner 2011: Yin Yang Carrots

GOOD FOOD™ Gold Award Winner 2012: Cortido Kraut

GOOD FOOD™ Gold Award Winner 2013: Ruby Red Kraut

GOOD FOOD™ Gold Award Winner 2014: Firefly Kimchi


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